4D 5-in-1 HIFU

R76,320.00 excl. VAT

4D HIFU uses focused ultrasound far beneath the top skin layer to promote the body’s own collagen production.  It can be freely adjusted from 1 – 12 lines making body treatments much easier.

Treatment scope:

Forehead wrinkles, around the eyes and mouth
Lift and tighten cheeks’ skin
Marionette lines
Improve skin elasticity and shaping contour
Improve jaw line
Tighten skin tissue on the forehead, lifting the eyebrow lines
Improves complexion
Removes neck wrinkles

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The ultrashape + ultrasonic focusing de-fatting cosmetic instrument integrates the ultrashape technology. Its probe can automatically scan the skin, identify lipocyte, and precisely shoot energy points into the subcutaneous fat accumulation through non-invasive focusing ultrasound wave (HIFU) technology to interfere in the formation of subcutaneous fat, at the same time, to stimulate autolysis of triglyceridesin lipocyte, thus, achieving slimming effects.

Vaginal tightening:
1.  360°rotation emission
2.  Non-invasive, no downtime, no recovery time.
3.  It is easy and convenient to operate and no consumable items are required, which greatly saves on the treatment cost.
4. Tightening and shaping effect is obvious after treatment.  It can be maintained at least 18 to 24 months after one treatment and realize negative growth of skin age once a year.
5.  Easy and convenient:  20 minute treatment gives instant firmness and less treatment times.
6.  3.0mm, 4.5mm cartridge with 10500 shots each.