LED Smart Therapy Light RD1500

The RedDot Smart Therapy Light RD1500 with timer, touch screen and LED power is powered by 300pcs 42mil 5W LED’s and a ratio of 660nm and 850nm LED’s can be customised if you are looking to build your own red light therapy system.

Anti-ageing Portable LED Light Therapy Face
Facial treatments utilize the anti-ageing effects of red light. Red light can promote collagen production, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and reduce signs of ageing and pigmentation.

Cellulite Portable LED Phototherapy
One of the causes of cellulite includes weak connective tissue and poor blood circulation. LED phototherapy can help promote blood circulation, while promoting the production of collagen and elastin, thereby reducing the appearance of fat in this area.

Portable LED Phototherapy for discomfort / pain
Red light reduces inflammation, while infrared light is deeper than traditional pain relief methods such as heating pads and topical creams. The heating pad and cream only act on the skin surface and may not penetrate the source of pain. Infrared rays can reach 2 inches below the skin and increase blood circulation in this area, which may cause sustained pain relief for longer.

You can build up your system to personalize your treatments perfectly with our modular design.

* Modular design for expansion: control multi lights with one master light
* Touch control panel with timer: 1 – 20 minutes
* 3 mode: red / infrared / combo red and infrared for options
* Optical convex lens for evenly distributed light
* High-quality output (irradiance), best results with shorter treatment times
* Easy Set-Up: door mount, wheeled stand options
* Unique wheeled stand for massage table or bed
* Worldwide use 100-240V

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LED Power: 1500W
Wavelengths: 42mil RED 660nm & NIR 850nm = 1:1
Amps @ 110V: 3.3A
Amps @ 220v: 1.3A
LED’s: 300 x 5W
Power Consumption: 352W
Dimensions: 27.2″ x 8.7″ x 2.3″
Beam Angle: 30 degrees
Cooling Fans: 4pc fan
Irradiance: (mW/cm2): 161
Lifespan: 100 000 hours
Weight: 7kg
Best For: Full Body Treatment
Daisy Chained: maximum 4 pieces
Built-in Programmable Timer: Yes
Warranty: 3 years

Package includes:
RedDot LED Smart Therapy Light RD1500
Patch Cable
Cable Assembly & Snap Links
Power Cable
Eye Protection
Hanging Hardware
Door Hook