Bella Auto Microneedling Device

Woorhi BELLA Auto Microneedling Device – Korean dermapen for professional microneedling (spa and beauty salon use).
One device to treat so many skin concerns…

acne scarring / cellulite treatment / wrinkle reduction / scar reduction & alopecia /uneven skin tone / stretch marks / collagen induction / skin rejuvenation / pigmentation / hyperpigmentation / face lifting / pore size reduction

Features of the Bella Device

8000 rpm – 3 adjustable speeds

0.2-2mm – Adjustable Depth

What’s included:  2 replacement cartridge tips,

1 year warranty (standard),

1 box of 10 disposable refill tips (10 treatments)

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• Professional use with adjusting 0.1mm up to 2.0mm
• Hygienic and disposable and sterilized cartridge (EO gas) with safety use
• Comfortable to use and luxurious design
• Minimized pain through rapid movement
• Great effectiveness for wide range in a short time (50,000 holes in 1min)
• Easy to use for narrow area
• Strong power and durable motor from the coreless motor
• Fuse for protecting from over-current
• Multiple screw to keep the power without dragging