4TENCELL Hydra Facial Machine

The 4TENCELL therapy machine is a professional skincare device with 4 functions (Aqua peeling, Cryo, Low frequency, air brush gun).  You can manage peeling, soothing, nutrition and regeneration through this machine at once.

  1. [AQUAPEELING (Hydro facial)]  component special solution to dissolve dead skin cells and sebum to cleanse the pores – exfoliation, sebum removal, peeling function.
  2. [Cryo (Cryo + Ion) = Cryocell] – Cooling up to -15 ° C and simultaneous output of iontophoresis –  skin soothing and nutrient infiltration function.
  3. [Air brush gun] – nutrient infiltration function by spraying fine solution evenly and finely.
  4. [Low frequency] – stimulate muscles and dermis with micro-currents to increase elasticity and solution penetration – nutrition penetration and lifting (rejuvenation) function.

Use with the CA Booster Ampoule, HA Booster Ampoule & PA Booster Ampoule

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