MESO ∞ ETM Mesotherapy

Electroportion Transdermal Meso-chip (ETM) perfectly combines meso-chip aqua channel penetration technology and electroporation ion channel transdermal technology. It mainly uses the microneedles in the meso-chip to open the water channels on the skin, and then transport nutrients to the superficial dermis to increase the absorption rate. At the same time, combined with electroporation to penetrate the skin, it can greatly increase the penetration rate and efficiency of liquid molecules, and improve biological efficacy.

Meso-chip aqua channel penetration technology: 

Through the “volcano-shaped” micro-crystals arranged in an array on the meso-chip, open the skin barrier of the epidermis to form micro aqua channels, and the nutrients in the applicator are introduced into the epidermis through the micro water channels to promote the skin deep absorption. The micro aqua channels can be completely closed naturally within 1-2 hours after the introduction, and the normal barrier structure of the skin surface can be restored.

Electroporation uses transient electrical pulses to make skin keratinocytes temporarily generate lipid bilayer aqueous channels, so that nutrients can be absorbed through the skin. When the pulsed electric field ends, the lipid bilayer resumes its original disordered orientation, thus closing the aqueous channel. For the skin, as long as the voltage of electroporation exceeds the threshold voltage (the voltage at which the lipid bilayer collapses), reversible transient water pores can be formed in the lipid bilayer between the stratum corneum cells of the skin, thereby greatly shortening the transdermal time of nutrients and promoting the transdermal rate.

The depth at which nutrients are delivered to the skin ranges from 0.3 – 0.8mm without causing damage to epidermal cells.

Painless, comfortable, no downtime
Ergonomically designed applicator, easy to operate.

User Interface design
Ul adopts flat design, equipped with LINUX platform, make the operation to be simple and smooth.

Certification: CE/ISO

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  • Syringe  1ml, 2ml, 5ml, 10ml optional
  • Energy Level  0 – 5
  • Depth Level  1 – 5
  • Dosage Level  0 – 5
  • Frequency Level  1 – 10(A)
  • Presetting  YES


  • Microneedles  32
  • Treatment area 12.5mm x 12.5mm
  • Mesochip area 7mm x 7mm


  • Machine size  26cm x 25cm x 9cm
  • Package size  43cm x 32cm x 15cm
  • Net Weight  2.5KG
  • Gross Weight  3KG
  • Electrical  100~240V,1.4A,50/60Hz





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