Plaxpot Medical Multi-Plasma Device

The Plaxpot Plasma Fibroblast uses a handheld “pen” device to create superficial thermal traumas that immediately shrink and tighten the skin.  Over the next 90 days new collagen and elastin is produced by the skin’s fibroblast cells as they work to repair the skin, meaning the skin tightening effects continue to develop as the healing process progresses.

The Plaxpot Plasma does not touch the skin, instead it works 1mm above the skin’s surface. Electrical energy is converted into electrostatic energy. Nitrogen and oxygen are ionised to create a plasma arc between the skin and the tip of the pen resulting in an immediate contraction of the skin tissue due to a small spot of vaporization where the plasma arc touches. This creates a tiny dot and with several of them together they create a contraction in the skin. This process stimulates the production of collagen and activates the release of important proteins into the dermis.

Post treatment the skin’s epidermis starts to turn the skin’s surface into tiny carbon crusts which fall off within a few days resulting in beautiful and rejuvenated skin coming to the surface.

PLAXPOT Regeneration Cream to be used after treatment

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Treatment areas include:
Crow’s feet
Under eye bags
Hooded eyelids
Perioral wrinkles/smoker’s lines
Jowl tightening
Forehead lines/ frown lines
Mummy tummy lifts
Stretch marks
Acne scars
Surgical scars
Sunspots/age spots
Skin tag removal
Saggy arm rejuvenation