Premium Plamere Multi-Plasma Device

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The Plamere Multi-Plasma Device targets fibroblasts (collagen- and protein-producing cells) in the dermis.  Fibroblasts play an important part in maintaining skin firmness and tightness and also help to heal skin wounds.

The plasma tip of the Plamere doesn’t touch the skin but rather releases a targeted, high-frequency electric current just above the skin, creating micro-injuries in the skin’s layer.  The micro-injuries scab over and fall off and, as the skin heals, tighter, firmer skin is revealed.

This non-surgical treatment is used to treat acne scars, photo aging, seborrheic keratosis and wrinkled skin (including eyelids, neck, jowls and above the lips).

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The best assistance for aesthetic treatment by plasma technology

Simple and ergonomic design for comfortable grip of stable operation without stress

• All-in-one system with 4 simple, changeable plasma treatment probes

• Easy to use by the wheel dial for adjustment of output power with strong and wide range

• Rechargeable battery-power with micro USB connector

Multi-Plasma Cosmetic Treatment

Aesthetic Multi-Plasma Solution