Clapio-Cell Solution

R3,600.00 incl. VAT

The Clapio-Cell Solution, a revolutionary anti-ageing solution, gives amazing results which can clearly be seen after one treatment.  It works by rejuvenating, hydrating and renewing skin cells, resulting in plump, youthful skin.

The Clapio-Cell product should be applied before and after invasive treatments such as microneedling and plasma skin tightening.  The main effect of the Clapio-Cell Solution is wound healing and tissue regeneration as well as being an inhibitor for hyperpigmentation.

The Clapio-Cell Solution can also be used for mesotherapy using a range of methods to include injections, dermastamping and dermarolling.

For wound healing, ageing and hydration issues, it is recommended that the Clapio-Cell Solution be applied once a fortnight over a 12-week period.