Diode Laser Hair Removal T8Pro

R124,800.00 excl. VAT

The JonteLaser Diode Laser T8Pro is a medically certified hair removal and skin tightening machine.

The machine has multiple configurations and handles to choose from and different handles are automatically matched when connected to the machine.  The handles can be customised for different spot sizes, wavelengths and power combinations.

1. Laser power: 500W
2. Spot size: 12*12mm2
3. Laser emitter: Made in America
4. Cooling system: water+air+semiconductor+Japan TEC condenser
5. Wavelength: 808nm
6. There is an LCD screen on the handpiece showing the touching temperature and shooting numbers.

Certification: Medical CE/FDA/ISO13485
2 year warranty


1. Hair Removal, Skin Tightening;
2. Widely used for any color hair;
3. Widely used for any skin type;4. Removal Areas: Lip Hair, Beard, Chest Hair, Armpit Hair, Back Hair, Arm Hair, Leg Hair, Unwanted Hair outside the Bikini Line.The manufacturer supplies the following online teaching videos:
1) operating the machine
2) conducting routine maintenanceOrder today!
10-15 working days for national delivery

This product is available to professionals only.  Please register by clicking on the button below.



Laser type
Diode laser
Laser wavelength
Operation interface
10 “touch screen
Spot size
12*12mm;12*20mm 12*28mm
Energy density

0-40J/cm2   for Italy

Cooling model
Water+ air + semiconductor +TEC condenser
Power supply
110V / 220V
Laser power
500W/ 600W/ 800W/1000W/1200W/1600W
Input power
Life Time
20 million


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