Fibroblast Skin Tightening Training

R22,995.00 excl. VAT

The course package consists of:

* 6h+ video training from A-Z (theory & practical)
* additional 4h+ live treated areas
* lifetime access to the course with NO hidden costs for upgrades
* lifetime support via WhatsApp
* internationally accredited diploma
* before & after promo photos for social media
* a pin of your business on the map of Privé Academy specialists on their worldwide known website


Course Description

1. Introduction
Get to know the Privé team, their Professional set and other treatment materials
1.1 Welcome to the Privé family
1.2 Course introduction

2. The Skin
Learn about skin layers, collagen and Fibroblast cells
2.1 Skin in general
2.2 Skin layers
2.3 Fibroblast cells
2.4 Collagen & elastin

3. Skin Tightening Treatment
Discover key uses, advantages and contraindications
3.1 Treatment possibilities
3.2 Advantages over surgery
3.3 !!Contraindications!!

4. Treatment Steps
Learn the correct steps to take before each treatment
4.1 Consultation before treatment
4.2 Device setup
4.3 Products used during treatment
4.4 How to apply numbing cream
4.5 Treatment costs

5. Techniques
Acquire deep knowledge about techniques
5.1 Spot or “wrinkle technique”
5.2 Centre point or “5-point technique”
5.3 Spray technique
5.4 Shading technique

6. Treatment Areas
Get to know various treatment areas
6.1 How to treat Eyelid Area
6.2 How to treat Forehead Area
6.3 How to treat Facial Area
6.4 How to treat Neck Area
6.5 How to treat Belly Area
6.6 How to treat Acne Scars
6.7 how to treat Scars & Stretch Marks

7. Skin Healing
Master 3 phases of skin healing and after-treatment
7.1 Skin healing Phase 1
7.2 Skin healing Phase 2
7.3 Skin healing Phase 3
7.4 Treatment overview
7.5 After the treatment
7.6 PHI (Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation)

8. After Care
Get to know After Care 1, 2 and 3 and the treatment costs
8.1 After Care No 1
8.2 After Care No 2
8.3 After Care No 3
8.4 Beta-Glucan products
8.5 Web shop and webpage

9. FAQ
Frequently asked questions

10. Exam
The final step to your success, you can do it!
10.1 Exam explanation
10.2 Practical

More than 4 hours of live treated areas
11.1 Belly area
11.2 Upper eyelids
11.3 Lower eyelids
11.4 Frown lines & smoker/lip lines
11.5 Lip lift
11.6 Neck area
11.7 Chest area
11.8 Acne scars
11.9 Cherry angioma

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